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As an integral part of the life of Dalriada Celtic Monastery, we wholeheartedly embrace and actively support the mission and endeavours of the Order of the Mustard Seed. For more detailed information about the Order and their meaningful work, kindly visit their website at


Artists. Missionaries. Politicians. Students. Stay at home moms. Justice advocates. A global community from all walks of life and different streams of the church.

  • A desire to give ourselves to God generously through a lifestyle of focused intent.

  • A commitment to the Great Commandment and the Great Commission.

  • Shared practices that shape our lives.

Who we are

The Order of the Mustard Seed is an ecumenical, lay-lead, dispersed community of over 300 members, inspired by the original Moravian OMS of the 18th Century. Today’s OMS shares the wider objectives of the 24-7 Prayer movement, to revive the church and to re-wire the culture, through the mobilisation of prayer, mission and justice.


A Rule of Life

Many Christians throughout history, have discovered the essential Gospel focused, life-giving and faith sustaining strength that A Rule of Life can give to individuals and their communities. Our three principles and six practices help us to follow Jesus. WHY A RULE?

“A Rule of Life is a set of principles and practices we build into the rhythm of our daily lives, helping us to deepen our relationship with God and to serve Him more faithfully. If Creeds are what we believe and Christ is why we believe, a Rule is how we seek to live out that faith, day to day as disciples in the power of the Holy Spirit.”


Come on the Journey

There is a clear process to joining the order which involves the following:

Season of Exploration

A time of getting to know each other, and mutual discernment on whether to begin preparation to join the OMS.

Season of preparation

A full year of preparation in which prospective members are guided through a number of resources and exercises for personal reflection as well as an informal interview.

Taking the Vow

At the end of the preparatory year candidates, if accepted, may make their vows in a special service at the 24-7 Conference or Regional Vow Ceremony. Thereafter they may wear the OMS ring and attach the OMS moniker to their names.


Be True.Be Kind.Go.

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